Covid 19 Guidelines


We don't know what 2021 will look like but for all upcoming stays, here are some of the steps we will be taking to protect the health and wellbeing of our guests.  It will, however, mean that things are slightly different from usual, and we will be asking for your cooperation.

Our cleaning procedure will take extra time – To combat the spread of Covid-19, we have updated our already-rigorous housekeeping protocols to include increased levels of sanitation and hygiene in all changeovers.  This includes the use of appropriate cleaning sanitiser on surfaces and high touch points such as light switches, door handles, kettles and remote controls, as well as the usual cleaning of bathrooms, carpets and sanitisation of bedding - we are leaving no stone un-turned.

This all means that we need extra time for each changeover, so arrival will now be 4.00pm arrival (rather than 3pm), and departure 09.30am (rather than 10.00am).  We hope this won’t cause too much inconvenience, but it is really important that you allow us this extra time to ensure your and our safety.

Some things may be missing to reduce the risk of touch contamination, we have been advised to remove as much as possible from The Penthouse.  This means that any decorative cushions and throws, ornaments, paper information leaflets, toys, games, etc have been removed, kept to a minimum or stored away in the sideboard.  If you do use any of these items please leave out on the table when you depart and we can remove and sanitise accordingly.

We hate to ask but please strip your beds before leaving – Not glamorous, on the last day of your holiday, we know.  However, in the current circumstances we are advised that this is a necessary precaution and therefore we have left laundry bags for your bedding to be put into. This will help us to safely put the bed linen through a thorough sanitisation process. If you prefer to bring your own please let us know and we won’t make up the beds.

Rubbish removal - We know you would normally do this but we have to remind you to please empty all bins (including bathroom bins) and put into the outside rubbish and recycling bins.  Bottles & jars can be taken to the bottlebank behind The Bell pub or please take home with you as our council recycling bins don’t accommodate glass.

Symptoms -  if any of your party show any symptoms please let me know so that I am aware when we enter after you leave and can arrange to take further precautions than we are already planning.

Finally,  despite the uncertainty of the last few months we hope you have a relaxing stay and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Walberswick & Southwold.

We thank you for your help and co-operation.